About Us

Our open competition brought 40 guys together.

On 15th March 2017 we had an amazing night with Professional snooker player Joe Swail, he played 10 of our players a frame and we had the most amazing night with him, this has built up a great relationship between Joe and our club. His next appearance was 20 June 2017 and he brought Mark Allen with him and both players played 5 each of our men a frame and then at the end of the night the 2 professionals played a best of 3 which was a treat to watch.

On Saturday 11 November we had ex world snooker finalist and current coach Nigel Bond playing a few of our men a frame each, and we had a fantastic night with him.

Our relationship with Joe Swail continued, he came back again in March 2018 and then was instrumental in bringing Jimmy White to us as a group, we had an exhibition night with these 2 men at a local neutral venue, and from this we then brought Jimmy White to our club on 10 November 2019. This was another incredible personal night for us all, from this we had Jimmy White, John Virgo and Matthew Stevens at a neutral venue in our own town on Saturday 22 June 2019

We have had Joe Swail coach a group of us on a couple of occasions and hope to continue this over the years to come